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The following is a list of slogans used by ABS-CBN.

Year Slogan Description
October 23, 1953 From where it happens, we see it happen. First marketing slogan used by ABS (DZAQ-TV 3) to promote its inaugural broadcasts.
1960s The Philippines' Premier Channel Used for DZAQ-TV (ABS 3)'s own promotions
1960s One Strike Takes All Three Used for DZAQ-TV (ABS 3)'s own promotions
1960s The Viewing Is Fine On Channel 9 Used for DZXL-TV (CBN 9)'s own promotions
February 1, 1967-September 22, 1972, July 16, 1986 – 1990, January 1, 2000 - present The Philippines' Largest Network The first slogan of ABS-CBN after the two networks' formal merger in Channels 3 and 9 and launches the network's jingle with the words and music.
August 1966 – 1972 ABS-CBN: First in COLOR Television Slogan for DZAQ-TV (ABS-CBN)'s first color broadcasts.
November 14, 1969 Channel 2 - The Family Channel Used for DZAQ-TV (ABS-CBN 2)'s own promotions after its move.
November 14, 1969 GO 4 Used for DZXL-TV (ABS-CBN 4)'s own promotions after its move.
July 16–December 1986 ABS-CBN. Watch Us...Do It Again! The network's first slogan upon its reopening
December 1986–March 1, 1987 Sharing A New Life With You The network's second slogan after its reopening
Late 80's-Late 90's Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon mula sa ABS-CBN! Christmas seasonal slogan
March 1, 1987 – 1992 The Star Network: Ang Pagbabalik ng Bituin Slogan used for its 1987 to 1992 relaunch
1988 ABS-CBN: Celebrating 35 Years of the Philippines' Largest Network Used for the 35th anniversary of the network.
1988-1993 ABS-CBN: Satellite Simulcast Nationwide Used for the satellite expansion of ABS-CBN nationwide and to promote its nationwide programming simulcast, a first among the national television networks.
1988-1990 ABS-CBN: DOMSAT Simulcast Nationwide Used to promote the DOMSAT satellite broadcasts that the network had all over the country.
1989-2004 In The Service Of The Filipino Used as the Network's corporate slogan. This is the flagship slogan of the network.
1992–present In The Service Of The Filipino Worldwide Popularized the network's reach in the Philippines and abroad from the 90's to present. Also refers to the network's international services and its the spin-off of the corporate slogan.
1992 "...through 50,000 watts of pure solid-state entertainment power!" Used as part of program introductions during this period; Channel 2 had just switched then to a 50-kilowatt solid-state transmitter (then the first in the country) allowing it to expand its coverage throughout Mega Manila.
1992-Late 2002 All The Best Shows Come From The Brightest Network Used by the network in promoting its entertainment shows to establish itself as the leading network and home to the top-rating shows and the biggest stars
1993 "Bringing 21st Century Television To The Filipino" Used as part of the 40th Anniversary of Philippine Television.
1993 40 Years: ABS-CBN and Philippine Television Used as part of the 40th Anniversary of Philippine Television.
1993 Sariwain ang nasyonalismo. Ipagbunyi ang lahing Pilipino. Used as part of the 40th Anniversary of Philippine Television and the 95th Anniversary of Philippine Independence
1996 50 Years of Committed Communications Corporate 50th anniversary slogan of the network since 1946.
February 18, 1996 Today is Ash Wednesday Used for the Ash Wednesday 1996
1998 Itaguyod Ang Piso. Tangkilikin Ang Gawang Pilipino. Used for the 1998 Philippine Centennial
Christmas 1998 Paskong Puno-Puno ng Puso/Maligayang Pasko Po Sa Taong Sentenaryo Slogan for 1998 Christmas Season, also celebrating the 1998 Philippine Centennial.
1998 45 Years of Philippine Television Used for the celebrations of the 45th Anniversary of Philippine Television and the 1998 Philippine Centennial
May 1999 ABS-CBN In the Service of the Filipino The network was revive the logo and words of station ID
1999 Ang Puso't Diwa ng Telebisyong Pilipino Used in 1999
Christmas 1999 Maligayang Pasko po sa Darating na Milenyo Used during 1999 Christmas Season, also celebrating the upcoming new millennium.
2000 Out Of The Box...Into The New Millennium/A New Look. A New Beginning. Used to celebrate the new millennium and to introduce the current ABS-CBN logo on January 1, 2000.
Christmas 2000 Sama-Sama Tayo Ngayong Pasko! Used during 2000 Christmas Season.
2001 Sama-Summer Together Used during 2001 Summer Season.
2002 Saya Ng Summer Sa ABS-CBN Used during 2002 Summer Season.
2002 Umulan, Umaraw, Magkasama Tayo Used during 3rd Qtr of 2002.
2002 It Has Never Been This BIG Used in 2002 to reformat the current logo in 2000.
2002 Sa ABS-CBN, Ikaw Ang No.1 Tagline during 2002 to promote ABS-CBN for being the No.1 TV network for 15 consecutive years.
Christmas 2002 Isang Pamilya, Isang Puso Ngayong Pasko Slogan for 2002 Christmas Season.
2003 ABS-CBN: 50 Years Of Philippine Television When ABS-CBN celebrated its 50th Golden Anniversary it changed its general slogan to Kapamilya. Originally, Kapamilya was first introduced in 1999, "Kapamilya Namin, Kapamilya Ninyo, Kapamilya Ng Bawat Pilipino" (Our Family, Your Family, The Family Of Every Filipino).
2003 Fifty-iesta na! Used during Summer Season of 2003.
2003 Happy 50 TV! Used when Kapamilya Stars greets ABS-CBN for its Golden Years.
2003 Iba-iba Man Ang Galaw, Sabay-Sabay Kung Humataw 2003 slogan for ABS-CBN's variety shows
2003 Seryoso Po kami... Sa Aming Comedy 2003 slogan for comedy shows
2003 Ang Buhay Ay Masaya... Dahil laging May Drama 2003 slogan for drama shows
2003 Fabulous February February 2003 slogan.
2003 March Attack March 2003 slogan.
2003 April's Full April 2003 slogan.
2003 May na may Dating! May 2003 slogan.
2003 June Ride of your Life June 2003 slogan.
2003 July High July 2003 slogan.
2003 50 ways to Celebrate August August 2003 slogan.
2003 September Fever September 2003 slogan.
2003 October Best October 2003 slogan. October is ABS-CBN's Anniversary Month.
2003 Nobyembre Dekalibre November 2003 slogan.
Christmas 2003 DisyembRegalo December 2003 slogan.
New Year 2004 The Philippines' Largest Network Sa Bagong Taon During New Year 2004
2004 Sabay Tayo, Kapamilya Launched in 2004. The original slogan of the network introduced in 1999.
2004 100% Wagi Used when ABS-CBN launched their new shows.(Victim, Star Circle Quest, Star in a Million, Lukso ng Dugo, etc.)
2004 Sabay Tayo, Pilipinas ABS-CBN Regional Network Group's slogan in 2004.
2004 Sabay Summer tayo, Kapamilya! During Summer of 2004.
2004 Sabay tayo, sa Agos ng Agosto August 2004 slogan.
2004 Kapamilya, Ang Lakas mo Sa'min! The slogan for the 4th Qtr of 2004.
2004 Sabay Tayo sa Kapamilya Comedy... Natural! 2004 slogan for comedy shows
Christmas 2004 Maligayang Pasko, Kapamilya Slogan for the 2004 Christmas Season.
2005 Iba Magmahal ang Kapamilya Used when ABS-CBN launched their 30 new shows.
2005 Iba ka-Summer ang Kapamilya During 2005 Summer Season.
2005 Bawat Pinoy, Kapamilya The slogan for the year 2005.
Christmas 2005 Magpasaya ng Kapamilya Slogan for the 2005 Christmas Season.
2006 Iba Magmahal ang Pinoy Released in 2006 during Valentine Season.
2006 Kapamilya, Summer Na, Sama ka! Released in 2006 Summer season.
2006 Angat ang Pinoy Released in 3rd Qtr of 2006.
Christmas 2006 Angat ang Ligaya ng Pasko Slogan for 2006 Christmas Station ID.
2007 2007... Angat ang Pinoy 2007 Theme
2007 Sama-sama tayo sa Araw-araw na Siksik na siksik sa Sari-saring Programang Angat ang Pinoy! Released in 1st Qtr of 2007.
2007 Feb-Ibig Slogan for 2007 Valentine Season.
2007 Galing at Tatag ang Taglay, Proudly Pinay ABS-CBN's slogan for Women's Month last March 2007.
2007 Araw Natin 'To! Slogan for 2007 Summer Season.
2007 May Da Best! Slogan for May 2007
2007 One Country, One Station, One Family ABS-CBN's slogan for mid-2007.
2007 Panalo! This year's ABS-CBN Regional Network Group's slogan.
2007 I-bandila mo ang pagka-Pilipino This year's ABS-CBN slogan during election. Note that "pagka-Pilipino" can either mean Filipino patriotism or Filipino heritage, but the former translation is used in the context of the Filipino elections.
2007 The Biggest July of the Year July Slogan
2007 Dito tayo Happy! July Slogan
2007 Pinoy, Ang Inspirasyon ng Pangunahing Istasyon ABS-CBN's Angat Ang Pinoy in 2007
2007 Agos2 August Slogan
2007 Septacular September Slogan
2007 One Country, One Station, One Fun This Year's Comedy Slogan
2007 One Country, One Station, One Movie Experience This Year's Movie Experience Slogan
2007 Patoktober October Slogan
2007 Novemberrific November slogan
Christmas 2007 Mas-X-Mas December slogan
Christmas 2007 Walang mag-iisa ngayong Pasko... One Country, One Family, One Christmas Slogan for 2007 Christmas Station ID.
2008 One World, One Network, One Family ABS-CBN Slogan for 55 Years of Philippine Television
2008 Team Kapamilya Tayo Used in 2008 for being a Certified Kapamilya
2008 One Gr8 Jan 28 in '08 Used for the Grand launching of 3 new Primetime Bida Shows

(Kung Fu Kids, Lobo, Palos)

2008 Dream Big, Kapamilya! Used for the Grand launching of 2 new Endemol reality shows (Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus, Pinoy Dream Academy: Season II)
Summer 2008 One Team. One Summer. Summer Slogan.
2008 Team Kapamilya. Walang Iwanan. Public Service Slogan.
May 2008 One Idol. One Mom. Mother's Day Slogan.
2008 Walang Iwanan, sa Bayan ni Juan Independence Day Slogan. "Juan dela Cruz" is the Filipino symbol of identity similar to the US' Uncle Sam.
2008 Panalo Bawat Pilipino! ABS-CBN Game Show Slogan.
2008 Oh-8! Oh-8! August 2008 slogan.
2008 Septemberific September slogan.
2008 Beyond Television ABS-CBN's 55th anniversary station ID slogan.
2008 OctÜber October slogan.
2008 New-Vember November slogan.
Christmas 2008 May Katuparan ang Hiling sa Kapamilyang Kapiling Christmas Station ID
2009 2009: Kaya Natin 'Yan! 2009 theme for New Year
2009 Kayang-Kaya natin, Kapamilya February 2009
2009 Thank You so Much! For making ABS-CBN, No.1 Nationwide. (Source: TNS)
2009 Galaw-Galaw Sa Tag-Araw! Summer Slogan 2009
2009 Oh My August! August 2009
Christmas 2009 Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko Christmas 2009 slogan
2010 Bilib sa Pinoy 2010's main slogan.
2010 Bilib sa Kulturang Pinoy Official Slogan of ABS-CBN Regional Network Group for 2010
Summer 2010 Summer ang Simula Summer slogan for 2010.
Rainy season 2010 60 Taon ng Pinoy Soap Opera In the celebration of the 60th Year of Pinoy Soap Opera, it also the rainy season slogan of ABS-CBN.
2010 Bida Kapamilya For the Fourth Quarter Installment. Corporate campaign to thank network supporters and viewers
Christmas 2010 Ngayong Pasko Magniningning Ang Pilipino Christmas 2010 slogan
2011 Bida Best 2011's main slogan and for 2011's Kapamilya Shows
2011 FebEver February 2011 slogan
2011 Kapamilya Gold First line-up Primetime TV shows which will watch in afternoon block
Summer March 19, 2011-May 29, 2011 Bida Best sa Tag-Araw Summer 2011 slogan
Rainy season 2011 Da Best Kang Kasama Sa Tag-Ulan Rainy 2011 slogan
Christmas 2011 Da Best ang Pasko ng Pilipino Christmas 2011 slogan
February 2012 Feb-Ibig Slogan for 2012 Valentine Season, previously used in 2007 Valentine Season.
March 2012 Da Best ng Plipino Slogan used for making ABS-CBN is In the Service of the Filipinos Worldwide.
Summer 2012 Pinoy Summer, Da Best Forever Summer 2012 slogan
Rainy Season 2012 Da Best ang Feeling, 'pag Ikaw ang Kapiling Rainy Season 2012 slogan
Christmas 2012 Lumiliwanag ang Mundo sa Kwento ng Pasko Christmas 2012 slogan
2013 60 Years of Philippine Television: Kwento natin ito! 60th Anniversary slogan
2013 Feb-IBIG: Tayo ang magka-loveteam, Kapamilya February slogan
Summer 2013 Kwento ng Summer Natin Summer 2013 slogan. Also used to celebrate 60 Years of Philippine Television.
Christmas 2013 Magkasama Tayo sa Kwento ng Pasko Slogan and Official Soundtrack of ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID
2014 Masayang Muli ang Kwento Natin Debuted on New Year's Day 2014, alongside with ABS-CBN's new logo debut
Summer 2014 PINAsmile: Masayang Muli ang Kwento ng Summer OST of ABS-CBN's Summer Station ID
Christmas 2014 Thank You, Ang Babait Ninyo OST of ABS-CBN's Christmas Station ID
2015 Celebrate True Love this Feb-Ibig February slogan
Summer 2015 Shine, Pilipinas! OST of ABS-CBN's Summer Station ID
Christmas 2015 Thank You for the Love OST of ABS-CBN's Christmas Station ID
2016 Feb-Ibig Wins February slogan
Summer 2016 Ipanalo ang Pamilyang Pilipino OST of ABS-CBN's Summer Station ID, also used in Election coverage
Christmas 2016 Isang Pamilya Tayo Ngayong Pasko OST of ABS-CBN's Christmas Station ID
2017 Feb-Ibig is The Answer February slogan
Summer 2017 Ikaw ang Sunshine Ko, Isang Pamilya Tayo OST of ABS-CBN's Summer Station ID
Christmas 2017 Just Love Ngayong Christmas OST of ABS-CBN's Christmas Station ID
2018 Feb-Ibig Forever February slogan
Summer 2018 Just Love Araw-Araw OST of ABS-CBN's Summer Station ID
Christmas 2018 Family is Love OST of ABS-CBN's Christmas Station ID
2019 Feb-Ibig February slogan
Election 2019 Ipanalo ang Boses ng Pilipino Used during Election 2019
Summer 2019 Summer is Love OST of ABS-CBN's Summer Station ID
Christmas 2019 Family is Forever OST of ABS-CBN's Christmas Station ID
2020 Kapamilya Forever Used during ABS-CBN's shutdown
Christmas 2020 Ikaw ang Liwanag at Ligaya This Christmas Station ID still uses the ABS-CBN logo for promotional purposes, and is being aired on Kapamilya Channel due to ABS-CBN's loss of congressional franchise.